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The Fabric of Things

Jide Badmus

Your smile is cotton
wool dipped in spirit
—a miracle, audacious,

There's no molecule of lie
in the velvet of your light.
You laugh like a chandelier—
joyful, buoyant & sometimes,
wild like a rocking chair.

This denim of love,
over erratic seasons,
did not fray nor fade.
We share fluffy memories—
soft song nestled in a shawl
of time, cashmere metaphors,
silk scarf around igneous heart.

Jide Badmus.jpg


Jide Badmus is an engineer, a poet inspired by beauty and destruction; he believes that things in ruins were once beautiful.

He is the author of four books including Obaluaye (FlowerSong Press, 2022) and What Do I Call My Love for Your Body (Roaring Lion Newcastle, 2022).


He is founder of INKspiredNG, Poetry Editor for Con-scio Magazine, a mentor in the SprinNG Fellowship, and sits on the board of advisors for Libretto Magazine. 

Jide writes from Lagos, Nigeria. He tweets @bardmus

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