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Prayer To My x's

Jennifer Nuesi

Let the gospel of this mouth reach down to the spout

to the source of the grief that I felt between my sheets


X’s contemplating O’s

Grief hiding in the moans

How they left in a rapture like the good book says and the good book looks

In the hearts of the exes and says

what more can they do before they are through with you


So now that the pain has made the deeds fresh again

how faded memories get more vibrant with the time opposite the theory

When the heart is involved


Gabriel, Moses, Mary, and Joseph

Sound the trumpets of departure

Let the soul depart from the bounded body that my exes left behind

milked prayers depart from my lips as the decay sets in


Prayer for the one who loved me less for my resilience and more for the submission


Prayer for the one who strung me along while his dreams were being molded


Prayer for the one who wanted sweet symphonies of his half-ass attempts

to be bellowed in my orchestra


Prayer for the one who could never choose between me or the woes of the exes


Prayer for the one who made me feel like the Cain of the story while letting Abel pass me by


Prayer for the one who is down the line to do what has been done

for the mistakes never seemed to be cleansed by the communal bread

or drowned by the fermented wine as I dine on the salt and vinegar of the eyes


Rivers pour into my mouth and lets the cries of Psalms be gargled in the throat

for the prayers I speak are not meant to be heard by the oracles of the exes




So in selfless sedation of selfish ponderings

I have come to the altar of indifference

for there is never a change with this kind of worship


Repetition and vindication

seem to be at odds on my tongue

as the smoke of ash and mirth wafted

on the rafters of the begotten church of delinquencies


Devil, demon, saint and lord

Ex 1, ex 4, ex 5, ex 9

Mingle between the syllables

of prayers to my exes



“THINGS” is her first published work. Released in December of 2021, it is a visual poetry collection to show how anxiety can play into our minds, branching off in a thousand directions. Though she is a new author, her work has impacted the writing communities. She has been featured on The Well, The Dumping Grounds, The Author Show, 105 Publishing, the ArtsXchange in Georgia, and many others. “THINGS” has hit Top 100 on Amazon in all formats and continues to hold a presence. The work she creates is set to bring strength and elegance to the raw elements inside us all. 

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