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Joshua Myers

Esperanza Spalding


the Haitians say Francois Mackandal turned into
a little fly.
a little spirit visited on those who could not believe
we possessed something they could not see.
life force
arrangements against the machines.
for when you dream you possess a desire to be well,
and we were sure we wanted to be well.

we made formwelas, spells to cast out
the demon spirits who wrested power and authority
from charisma, imprisoned us in
political systems, knowing nothing about
how we could sing this illness on out.

because sound is really a thing.

minor key minor complexes
mind her, mine the half-steps
hearing is a labor
hearing is liberation
like seeing.
like opening whole passages,
whole foods,
wild roots firm in the ground to guide
whole notes, operatic lines, hold notes
held out for us, whole hosts
phrasing holy ghosts
love is like the wind.
wild that hearing it is
like healing.



Bio: Joshua Myers is the editor of A Gathering Together: Literary Journal. He teaches Africana Studies at Howard University. His poems have appeared in Burning House Press and Obsidian

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